Learning to Fly: A Journey Through Space and Time

This was a fun amateur film fest organized by my friends and shared over Zoom. Participants were assigned their film title, and then it was up to us to make of it what we would. 

Process wise, I started with the music first. This was a different approach than usual for me, but I think it allowed for a greater emotional clarity in terms of what I was trying to accomplish in the end. 

Learning to do stop-motion was an interesting adventure, and certainly I had not planned enough time to execute fully on it. I think I needed another week, but instead the shots were done a bit on the fly - some bits of inspiration and some exploration to find things that worked. One thing I was struck by is how much can be conveyed through subtlety in positioning - in this case even when dealing with mini-LEGO figurines that couldn't be moved much at all. 

Rushing through also meant that the copy needed some serious work. I think I arrived on a tone right before the submission deadline, and I think reworking that to be more precise in its voice would be the highest impact, lowest effort change to make next. If even more time was available, I think I'd re-do some of the shots, and build a better set-up for higher quality photographs for the stop motion.